onsdag den 17. januar 2018

Unity Neon Challenge 2018

I took part in the the challenge over on the Unity site. I joined quite late and only had two weeks to patch something together in my spare time, but I did manage to finish "something". Took it upon myself to learn Blender as part of the challenge, it's quirky but i'm starting to like it.

Here's a few pics.

torsdag den 17. december 2015

Callin' it done

So, I really hope the colors ain't totally off. Got a new monitor to replace my old cheap TN screen I've been using these past 8 years (wow). Its an ultrasharp ips, so the colors should be pretty well calibrated out of the box, but you never know. Dragging a picture between my old is like night and day, especially the whitebalance and saturation. Anyway..

fredag den 9. oktober 2015

Getting woody... ;P

Not everthing will be stonework, so I've been fumbling around in sub.designer to make a good base material for woodwork to use "as is" or apply in sub.painter. Heres a quick test I did creating some window shutters. Exciting... I know ^^.

søndag den 4. oktober 2015

søndag den 27. september 2015

Not quite sure how dark I want the stonework to be, its suppose to be quite old and worn by weather/use.

Nice thing about Substance painter/designer is that once done, the material can be reused/refitted across future props.

In Substance designer


torsdag den 17. september 2015

Look dev. on the stonework.

Trying to get a feel for general look of the stonework in the level. Not quite what I want yet, but its a start. Screenshot from substance painter.