søndag den 4. maj 2014

Some images from a recent project. Done trying out modo and UE4.


torsdag den 13. februar 2014

tirsdag den 28. januar 2014

A lil update to my cryengine project. Got some more assets done for the scene. I will do texturing at the very end, so this is just with ao and normal applied. (some of the models are just proxys ofc.)



tirsdag den 14. januar 2014

Working on a proxy to block out the room, and get a general sense of the lighting I want.

Quick paintover.


søndag den 12. januar 2014


Currently working on a environment in cryengine (can read more about it HERE).

Heres a lil work, still wip... -cheers

torsdag den 9. januar 2014

Its... ALIVE.

In an effort of keeping my main webpage somewhat organized... this is now the home for wips, FAILS and my collection of antique silverware. HANDS OFF!