torsdag den 17. december 2015

Callin' it done

So, I really hope the colors ain't totally off. Got a new monitor to replace my old cheap TN screen I've been using these past 8 years (wow). Its an ultrasharp ips, so the colors should be pretty well calibrated out of the box, but you never know. Dragging a picture between my old is like night and day, especially the whitebalance and saturation. Anyway..

fredag den 9. oktober 2015

Getting woody... ;P

Not everthing will be stonework, so I've been fumbling around in sub.designer to make a good base material for woodwork to use "as is" or apply in sub.painter. Heres a quick test I did creating some window shutters. Exciting... I know ^^.

søndag den 4. oktober 2015

søndag den 27. september 2015

Not quite sure how dark I want the stonework to be, its suppose to be quite old and worn by weather/use.

Nice thing about Substance painter/designer is that once done, the material can be reused/refitted across future props.

In Substance designer


torsdag den 17. september 2015

Look dev. on the stonework.

Trying to get a feel for general look of the stonework in the level. Not quite what I want yet, but its a start. Screenshot from substance painter.

tirsdag den 1. september 2015

mandag den 24. august 2015

Been poking around with substance designer/painter. Had an idea for an enviroment, made a proxy model and ported it into UE4. The ground and arches are just random test props created to test. Thought I'd post a screenshot just to add something to the blog =P.

More to come.

fredag den 8. maj 2015

Keep on keeping on

I've really been wanting to create a World of Warcraft themed scene in UE4. The warcraft series have so much lore, alot of it has been described in words but not pictures (granted I've no clue how much is in the comics, so I might be 110% wrong :D). On such thing would be Broxigars last stand against the Burning Legion, defying an entire legion of demon and even wounding the titan god Sargeras before walking into legend.

I've searched around, but only come up with a few pieces of old concepts and fan created work.

So, lets get bizz!

I've started to block out Brox. Unsure how I want his face to look. Theres concepts for his armor, but I might do a "refresh" on it.

tirsdag den 5. maj 2015

And thats a wrap...

Finally finished. Guess things never quite pan out the way you want, but he avoided being directed to the "bin of shame"... like so many before him... gone before their time... never forget... *sniff...

ANYWAY, heres the final images of the stud in true RGB colors!

torsdag den 23. april 2015

Getting hairy

Been doing some tests rendering hair in 3ds for texture use. Its really either that or just painting it out in photoshop. I'll most likely end up making a base cap with overlaying cards/strands to break up the shape.

Heres how the test look in marmoset on a curved plane. Will probably end up making it less "silver", especially witcher 3 have given him more or less white hair (from what I've seen so far).

Edit - Heres a image of the main cap (that will be underneath the hair cards/strands) textured with the same patch. Im debating the thickness and feel... but so far so good.

Second edit - Made a tex for the eyes, not final but getting there. Hair with anisotropic spec and SSS to smooth the light.

another edit /.

Made a quick bake of his body (really dirty) and tweaked the eyes abit (might make them glow instead, donno).Im using a 2k map for his body, but details are still comming up a tad blurry. Hope I can get abit more mileage out of it once the texture sheet is packed better. Atm im just working on getting the hair done.

Last edit to post - Bake of armor now done. Still havent had time to look at his hair or beard tho =/

 But thats up next!

mandag den 20. april 2015

Testing out some skin shading in marmoset toolbag. With witcher 3 right around the corner, I'll probably just stick with making the character, posing him in marmoset.

As you can tell, I've started to block out the hair to get a feel for the volume and shape. More to come shortly!

torsdag den 2. april 2015

Ak... almost!

Armors 95% done, just missing folds on his cloth (pants/boots/armor padding) and fixing a few things clipping (just noticed his shoulder). Once done I'll move on to his face, hands and hair, fun times!

mandag den 23. marts 2015

It's a bømb! The exploding kind.

Character is more or less done on in terms of overall modelling. Mainly working on details and adding all the small stuff the nobody will notice =D

So heres some grenades.

onsdag den 18. marts 2015

Git bizy!

Month o' slack. Getting back in.

I knew the cape and backmounted swords where gonna be an issue. The straps will completely mess its shape up almost regardless of how you do it. Ofcause we could just let it float...  yes... it'll be out little secret. Tell on one! =D

torsdag den 12. februar 2015

Work work...

Trying to come up with some ideas for the arms. Don't wan't them to be symmetrical (same on each side). Still in the sketch fase so disregard the intersections, crappy nanomesh etc.., think I kinda like it tho.

søndag den 8. februar 2015

Started to piece Geralt together. These are just proxy meshes for reference and tests I've done so far. I've tried to simulate his cape in 3dsmax (final won't be that short), deciding patters for his padded armor. Used the new nanomesh feature in Zbrush for his brigadine, and tried to come up with some designs for his bags etc...

Edit - Added another image.

torsdag den 29. januar 2015

Too few updates, lets try to fix that. I've started to work on some fanart for the Witcher series, been blocking out the character and environment and dumping them in UE4. Almost too blocky to make sense, but I thought I'd post something to get committed. Cheers!