fredag den 8. maj 2015

Keep on keeping on

I've really been wanting to create a World of Warcraft themed scene in UE4. The warcraft series have so much lore, alot of it has been described in words but not pictures (granted I've no clue how much is in the comics, so I might be 110% wrong :D). On such thing would be Broxigars last stand against the Burning Legion, defying an entire legion of demon and even wounding the titan god Sargeras before walking into legend.

I've searched around, but only come up with a few pieces of old concepts and fan created work.

So, lets get bizz!

I've started to block out Brox. Unsure how I want his face to look. Theres concepts for his armor, but I might do a "refresh" on it.

tirsdag den 5. maj 2015

And thats a wrap...

Finally finished. Guess things never quite pan out the way you want, but he avoided being directed to the "bin of shame"... like so many before him... gone before their time... never forget... *sniff...

ANYWAY, heres the final images of the stud in true RGB colors!