torsdag den 23. april 2015

Getting hairy

Been doing some tests rendering hair in 3ds for texture use. Its really either that or just painting it out in photoshop. I'll most likely end up making a base cap with overlaying cards/strands to break up the shape.

Heres how the test look in marmoset on a curved plane. Will probably end up making it less "silver", especially witcher 3 have given him more or less white hair (from what I've seen so far).

Edit - Heres a image of the main cap (that will be underneath the hair cards/strands) textured with the same patch. Im debating the thickness and feel... but so far so good.

Second edit - Made a tex for the eyes, not final but getting there. Hair with anisotropic spec and SSS to smooth the light.

another edit /.

Made a quick bake of his body (really dirty) and tweaked the eyes abit (might make them glow instead, donno).Im using a 2k map for his body, but details are still comming up a tad blurry. Hope I can get abit more mileage out of it once the texture sheet is packed better. Atm im just working on getting the hair done.

Last edit to post - Bake of armor now done. Still havent had time to look at his hair or beard tho =/

 But thats up next!

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